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2017 Turkey Drug Report reveals dazzling results about the sector

2017 Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector Report by QuintilesIMS Turkey was announced by CPhI Istanbul recently. According to the report, Turkey's pharmaceutical market grew by 17 percent compared to 2015, and 2 billion boxes of medicines were sold in Turkey in 2016. The drug market has grown by 12 percent annually over the past 5 years, all sector was excited by foresight of that Turkey will have the position of being the world's 14th largest pharmaceutical market in 2020.

In the report which reveals that there is a slowdown in the sector in the some countries such as Latin America, several contribution of effects such as population aging, easier access to medicine and improvements in health policies in double-digit growths expected in Turkey were emphasized.

Sensation of pain was the largest treatment area in the Turkish pharmaceutical market with 21 percent growth over the previous year, pain killers take place in the first place with its 1 million 646 thousand Turkish liras in the market value and antibacterialists had 1 million 435 thousand Turkish liras. In addition, the oncology drug market grew by 10 percent, while oncology drugs reached 1.4 billion Turkish liras in value. Although the shares of total sales fell by 7 percent, the oncologic drug market grew by 10 percent compared to the previous year, indicating that oncology will be the fasttest growing group of treatments over the next 5 years.