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With so many people around the world trusting us with their health, we believe that we have an enormous responsibility to deliver the high quality products to help them gain greater access to medicine. With this motivitaion, we strive to continually improve our standards and business processes in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

In PHARMAMILES; handling and transportations are being performed in line with the requirements of the delivered drug. The subjected pharmaceutical is sourced directly from manufacturers or fully audited wholesalers. Before its acceptance, the control and the assurance of the authenticity of each pharmaceutical product is also achieved by the fully electronic Batch/Lot Traceability System implemented.

As PHARMAMILES, we are able to meet your expectations and demands. Together with the strong network, we are able to offer you the requested quantities and provide confidentiality all through the sourcing. We assure and guarantee the authenticity of the product being delivered.