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Turkey's pharmaceutical exports was realized at 863 million USD level in 2016

In 2010, pharmaceutical exports stood at 603 million USD. Yet within 6 years, they had surged by 43.1%, bringing figure to 863 million USD. In the same period, the total exports of Turkey grew by 25.2%, bringing the national contribution of the pharmaceutical industry from 0.53% to the 0.60% level.

As for imports of medicine, following the 5.6% growth of 2014, a declining trend was observed, with further decline exhibited in 2016. Between 2010 and 2016, medicine imports showed at a 5.3% decline, declining to the 4.5 billion USD level. As a results of these developments, the foreign trade deficit dropped to the 3.66 billion USD level in 2016, whereas the rate of export meeting imports was realized at 19.1%.

                                                                                      Table 1 - Export and Import of Pharmaceutical Products (million USD)

An analysis of export markets indicates that in 2010 there were exports to a total of 137 countries, while a further 27 countries have benn added to the list within the past 6 years. Factoring in the 11 countries to which exports were terminated, in 2016, exports were realized to 153 countries, mainly the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), North Africa and the Middle East. Additionally, in 2016, the sector is engaged in imports from 89 countries.

On a country basis, an analysis of the export and import of pharmaceutical products indicates that the highest level of exports is to South Korea, Switzerland, Iraq and the USA.

                                                                                                       Table 2 - Exports per Country (millon USD)

Meanwhile, the most import markets are Germany, USA, Switzerland, France and England.

                                                                                                         Table 3 - Imports per Country (million USD)